DPS Soft Embossing

DPS SERIES - Soft System Embossing Machine for Films (PVC/OPP/PET/NYLON) and Paper

This equipment has been designed for a massive production of holographic structure on precoated film or paper from 1000 mm to 2650 mm up to 150 mt/min in order to meet the demand of the flexible packaging industry.
The machine is equipped with sophisticated electronic devices and all the motion is done by servomotors.
Operator can control any parameter in realtime during the production and in case store production data of any product.

A special attention was dedicated to the conditioning and re-conditioning of the film during the embossing process, in order to obtain the best embossing results and, at the same time, to keep the regular movement of the film.

The embossing equipment works by means of an oil heating system, which is the best to guarantee a constant temperature on the whole surface of the embossing roller.
This temperature control guarantees the quality of the embossing result both for pattern and for more complicated images that requires a state of art reproduction.