DMB 900 (Banknotes Production)

DMB 900 (Banknotes Production)

With the market-tested DMB 900 process, DIAVY offer a complete and especially economical solution for applying strip foil to all paper substrates for the security and high-security sector.

Optimum calibration of foil and machine achieves production accuracy at very high processing speeds, resulting in effective production output and reduced costs at very high quality.
It is not without reason that machines in the DMB series have been the preferred choice for the new production of Europa Series 20 /50 / 100 Euro Banknotes.

Each stamping machine in the MB series is individually set up to customer needs.
They quickly and efficiently apply foil stripes from reel to reel for immediate and easy processing of substrate with a state of the art accuracy.

All the softwares for the machine motion control are developed in house and the optimal use of various patented processes enables, for example, pinpoint placing of holograms with excellent precision and furthermore the perfect combined register of all the stations is achieved with less than 50 lm of waste material.
The MB series was conceived for large production of banknotes and any components is designed to achieve the excellence.

DMB 900 Service Package:

  • Machines for large volume productions with speeds up to 150 m/min.
  • Adaption to customer specific requirements by:
  • Variable number of stamping tracks
  • Innovative in-setter application
  • Screen printing unit (single or double station) for security features
  • Punching unit for security window
  • Two-sided application via web turning device
  • Remoistening system
  • Web cleaning station
  • Optional edge trimming of substrate