DPH – Hard Embossing

DPHE SERIES: Hard System Embossing Machine for Metallized Polyester and Hot Stamping Foil

This machine series has been designed for the industrial production of embossed film for security holograms, using polyester and hot stamping foil of various thickness.

Machines are equipped in order to plan and control all the parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed.
The Electrical Heating System guarantees a longer life of shims and very good results.
The possibility to use different diameters of the embossing cylinders allows the maximum flexibility in the production phase to satisfy any project.
This machines range is mainly suitable to the creation of holograms such as logo because of the very high step precision and constance and the simplicity of its use.

Model Available:

  • DPDHE: hard embossing machine with automatic electronic cammes for a fast adjustable step in a wide range.
  • DPHE: hard embossing machine for perfect and stable step with electrical heating system.
  • DPHS: hard/soft embossing machine with double hard and soft head.