DPH – Hard Embossing

DPHE SERIES: Hard System Embossing Machine for Metallized Polyester and Hot Stamping Foil

This machine series has been designed for the industrial production of embossed film for security holographic applications like banknotes , passports and tax stamps, using polyester and hot stamping foil of various thickness.
Machines are equipped with a state of the art electronical motion control in order to plan and control the film in every stage and guarantee a perfect register of the images along the full web.
Heating system and reliable construction of the embossing roller can guarantee a perfect uniformity of the temperature in the embossing stage.
The possibility to use different diameters of the embossing cylinders allows the maximum flexibility in the production phase to satisfy any project with complex layout.
Any machine in the design stage can be configured from the customer with dedicated optionals like : camera vision system, web cleaner contact or contactless device, web ranger, embossing roller of different diameters and much more.