DPHSES – Seamless Hard/Soft Embossing

DPHSES - Seamless Hard/Soft Embossing

This equipment has been designed for specific production of Holographic Patterns that require to avoid any seam line defect.
A state of the art selection of components and and a precision engeneering allows to obtain the best performance on the embossing stage and an unmatched quality of the final product.
With Seamless equipment from DIAVY , limitless decoration possibilities with no visible lines are now a reality.
The machine can works in SEAMLESS or CONVENTIONAL configuration both are easily selectable from the PLC touch screen panel.
The machine can work in HARD EMBOSSING or SOFT EMBOSSING way,depends on the final product of the customer that can go from lamination seamless embossing rainbow (Laser) film or perfect register patch hologram for high security applications.

The embossing equipment works by means of oil heating system that flowing on the circuit in a specific way to guarantee a costant temperature and a difference max of +/- 1° on the embossing cylindre also on high temperature up to 200°.
This extremly accuracy allows to produce holographic substrates with no difference in light refelction, that is the key for the optical apperance of seamless material.
A special attention was dedicated for the conditioning and re-conditioning of the film during the embossing process in order to obtain the best embossing result across all the width of the film loaded, and in the same time to keep the regualar movement of the film under control.