Hologram Electroforming Equipment

ET/ET2-A SERIES Electroforming System

This equipment (both ET and ET2 series) has been especially designed for the replication of holographic nickel shims by means of an electroforming process. It consists in the nickel plating on a support capable of conducting electrical current.
When this process is completed, it’s possible to remove from the master a nickel copy which is its state of art negative.
This makes the end user of the equipment totally independent in the holographic business.

The ET2 machine is equipped with an automatic system for the loading/unloading and positiong the shims in the tanks.
This configuration is needed when the holographic shims reach big dimension and a manual loading/unloading is not possible without avoid defects.
This system was specially designed for RAINBOW Hologram, that is very delicate design,and any defects emerge immediately.
With the automatic system at the end of the cycle the shims are removed from the matrix with the robotic sytem ,and well positioned for the storage.
The operator can control anything form the LCD panel and he needs just to wait the end of the process.