Transfer Holographic Paper

Transfer Holographic Paper

The same brightness of the film without any film.

The great difference between the holographic paper and the holographic films is the shine and the brightness.
Many product have to be made only with paper (wet strenght labels for beer and beverages,gift paper etc…) and the holographic effect on this material for its techincal structure and flatness become not shine like the plastic film’s surfaces.

In answer at this, Diavy has developed Transfert Holographic Paper.
The holographic effect is not directly embossed, it is transferred from a thin foil on the support.

We can make this process also on self-adhesive paper already.

This means that you can obtain shine and bright result without the use of plastic films.
The transferred holographic layer thanks to our home made laquer exibit excellence resistance against the scratch and good attributes in the printing phase.