Self-Adhesive Holographic Films and Papers

Self-Adhesive Holographic Films and Papers

Diavy can offer a vast range of self-adhesive holographic products on backings of different weigths in size and reel.

Labels,Promotional labels,Promotional collectable point of superstores, Stickers for children are only some of the application of the self-adhesive holographic material.

The performance and success of the final product is largely determined by the quality of the adhesive coating which has the greatest technical content: for all the materials in the present Diavy´s products range, only acrilic water based adhesives are used.


PERMANENT: Universal adhesive suitable to general labelling applications at room temperature.
SEMI PERMANENT: It´s removable for a short period of time becoming permanent.
REMOVABLE: Good short and long-term removability.
SUPERTACK: Displays excellent adhesion properties.

Films can be embossed with over 60 different standard designs or with exclusive customized images.