Holographic Alu Foil HOLO-A ®

Holographic Aluminium Foil HOLO-A ®

This new product was aimed at answering to the pharmaceutical counterfeiting that during the years, with the worldwide market, has become a real pain for the consumers and the pharmaceutical companies.
For example, pharma blisters-packaging or any other pharmaceutical product that needs aluminium for packaging.

DIAVY, in answer at this ,creates and develops all the technology to produce HOLO-A (HOLO ALUMINIUM FOIL) directly embossed.
The real innovation is not in the product, but in the industrial production process: the holographic aluminium foil was already present on the market, but till now normally the holographic security effect was transferred on the aluminium surface from a PET foil.
The result was good but not permanent because the holographic thin layer reported could be removed easily and the process resulted very expensive.
To solve this problem, Diavy has developed and created a new production technology to emboss directly the aluminum foil.
Any pattern, brand or guilloches which identifies the manufacturer can be embossed on the aluminium foil.
The images are micro-embossed on the foil before the packing process.
DIAVY’s production system (covered by an international patent) has allowed the factory to industrialize this innovative process for the anti-counterfeiting of medicines obtaining excellent results at a low cost.

Diavy can supply HOLO-A in differents thikness;from to 60 µ.
The Holographic Aluminum foil don’t suffer any chemical treatement during the production process and it might be in direct contact with food,pharma,beverage etc..

The Diavy’s registered brand for this product is ALUCARE.