Decorative Films

Decorative Films

Diavy Holographic Division supplies top quality products for a vast range of applications.

Holographic adds luxury and exclusiveness to your packaging .Old products have been re-launched on the market using holographic packaging to set them apart from the competition.
This continuous search for something original has caused holography, in recent years, to be used not only in decorative packaging in general..

For this reason, Diavy has, in order to respond to the many and most varied demands, improved its flexibility and production capacity even further, launching holography on various substrates. Our production range includes polypropylene, PVC, polyester films,PE, and different kind of paper suitables in different thickness and width.
Films can be embossed withs over 60 different standard designs or with exclusive customized images.

Every material that we supply is easily printable with the most commons print techinics (Off-Set,flexo,UV,etc… ).

We can supply top coated material when the corona treatements is not enough and in this way the result is guarantee.

Pattern Catalogue

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