CE-A / CEL-A Coating/Laminating Automatic

CE-A / CEL-A Coating and Laminating Line With Automatic Rolls Change

This new equipment is the result of continuous developments in technology that has always been a main aim of Diavy This equipment has been designed to have in one line different working processes and functions capable of making various treatments onto plastic films or paper – as separate functions or in sequence – in order to obtain at a very low cost coated or laminated products for packaging or security and eventually a state of art holographic embossing station in line.

With this machine it’s possible to have a continuous non-stop work, as it’s equipped with automatic rewinding and unwinding changes, with reels rotation.

The immediate advantage is a higher productivity and a simplified working process as there are no reels of semi-finished product to move,change etc.
A special attention was devoted to speed:in fact the equipment runs at a higher speed in comparison with the previous ones and the working size is up to 2800 mm and this allows a further reduction in the production costs.
The equipment runs with material in reels with external diameter 1250/1500 mm max and a width from 1000 to 2800 mm. It’s possible to rewind the materials in reels in the same size as the raw material.