Brand Protection


Diavy Holographic Division, having the entire production cycle in house, can supply holograms in conditions of total control, on different substrates for promotion and anti-forgery requirements.

Using holograms has in this sense become an industrial tool that is used more and more, not only by brand leaders on products and packages to prevent fraud and falsification.

At a cost slightly higher than the one of a conventional label, it is possible to make substantial recovery in sales to make promotional campaigns.

In these last ten years, Diavy Hologr.Division has supplied holograms for many applications in the fashion-clothing, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, banking, transportation and publishing fields.

By studying the customers´needs, we can provide complete solutions from the graphics of the message (logo, trademark, etc.) to the most suitable application carrier (conventional labels, self-destructible or for clothing, etc.).